Please Pray

I’m in the hospital with suspected Covid and infection. I’ve been battling a wound and ongoing respiratory infection for some time, but had significant difficulty breathing this morning.

So, they’ve put me in the Covid section of the ER and they’re doing tests.

I’ll post an update when I know something. There’s nothing else to do but trust God and let the medical team do their work. Which they do very well at this hospital.

Simple Peg Loom Woven Pillow

When I began this weaving, I was also thinking that it would make a very nice wall hanging or table runner. Until it was almost finished, and I decided to use it as a pillow.

To finish the piece, I knotted the fringe together, inserted a pillow form and stitched the sides with a single strand of the pink yarn. It was so easy that I’m planning to weave a few more for my bed and our living room.

My New Loom

Last week my new twenty two inch peg loom arrived, and I’m really looking forward to warping it and getting to work on my next weaving.

My sixteen peg loom not only feels like an old friend, it’s been the perfect size for weaving wall hangings, table runners and small pillows. Which I will definitely continue.

But I’ve also had a desire to begin weaving rugs. So, this new loom will get plenty of use.

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